Examples of laser etching on various materials - please contact us for details 

Examples of laser acrylic 

Routed and laser etched sensory panels

Layered laser cut MDF signs  

Personalised themed wall art in MDF  

Fairies cut from MDF, sprayed two-tone colour to finish

Laser Wood Art

A World Of Endless Possibilities!

Our large bed, 100w C02 laser machine at DAB Graphics allows for real creativity with unlimited scope. Brilliantly eye-catching designs and themes can be etched or cut in to a huge range of materials, ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. From Waymarker discs and fingerpost pointers to signs and promotional items.

Combined with CNC router work the end results are tactile and allow for brass rubbing, giving extra scope to any project.

The range of materials include; Acrylic, Natural Woods (oak), Ply Woods, Slate & Stone, Stainless Steel, Paper & Cardboard, leather, etching laminates... the list goes on!

  • 3 and 5mm Acrylic arrow pointers & Waymarker discs
  • 5mm customer made (Own brand?) trust/ organisation coaster
  • Place name plaques in wood & acrylic
  • Oak pointers with high detailed etched designs & images
  • Cut out MDF, plywood and acrylic for wall mounted graphics

Below examples of laser etching on wood and other materials 

Routed and etched family tree with birth stones

Etched slate heart 

Zodiac keyrings, lasered on cherrywood veener MDF