Wildlife Habitat Panels

Wildlife Habitat Panels
Wildfowl, Waders and Waterside Birds identification panel

Amphibians Lifecycle 

Butterfly Lifecycle 

Chicken Species Panel

Pygmy goats facts panel (with personalised names)

Hedgerow & Meadow Birds 

Insects & Minibeasts 

Woodland Trees 

Water/Lake Life

Bee Life Cycle Panel

Heathland Birds

Children's Activity Panels

Children’s Activity panels are a great way to involve pre-school age children in wildlife and environmental awareness. Direct Printed upon 5mm Foamex plastic or 3mm ACM (Dibond), making them ideal for indoor and outdoor activity areas such as school wildlife gardens. The panels are available in a range of sizes from 30cm diameter up to 100cm, and come with drill holes ready for fixing to walls, posts or fencing. 

The range includes: Bug Hotel, Log Pile, Pond Area, Composting, Quiet Area, What can you hear, Wilderness Area, Wildflower Meadow. The artwork can be personalised to your requirements within the border area.

Children's Bug Hotel

Children's Pond Area

DAB Graphics have created a series of wildlife habitat and identification artwork for use on panels and interpretation boards. The themes covered include: Wild Bird Identification, Ponds, Rivers and Wetlands, Woodland, Meadow & Farmland, Butterflies and Bugs, Hedgerow and Life in a Log Pile - titled 'Who lives here?' or 'Which can you see?' all can be modified to suit your particular location.

The panels are an eye-catching, cost effective way of raising awareness of the different kinds of wildlife in the environment where the board or panel is situated. A great teaching aid which can help generate children's interest in the natural world around them and assist with areas of the National Curriculum. The artwork is created at A1 or A2 size for easy reading and identifying the wildlife species, they are printed on our full range of panel materials - Aluminium DuraPanel, GRP, Acrylic, ACM (Dibond) or Foamex. 

The range includes:

  • Pondlife and Wetlands
  • Wild Bird Identification
  • Farmland and Hedgerow Birds
  • Meadow Wildflower
  • Woodland Trees
  • Butterfly Life-cycle, Amphibians Life-cycle
  • Insects and Creepy Crawlies
  • Ideal for schools and outdoor learning centres
  • Massive range of stock illustrations and images which are constantly updated

Please note the artwork files are not available in any format for use or sale to any third party, DAB Graphics hold all copyright to the designs and illustrations produced for them.

Pond & Wetland

Pond Life 

Woodland Bird

Bug Hotel

Reptiles & Amphibian

Children's Composting Area

Children's Log Pile

Activity panel with information oval in Foamex or ACM

Finished printed Pond panel