A0 Oak Lectern - From £1293.00* (+ Vat/Del)

“Everyone involved in the project in Ribchester is highly delighted with the finished lectern and would warmly recommend DAB Graphics to any other Parish Council”

A0 Oak Lectern - From £1293.00 (+ Vat/Del)

Wooden Lecterns and pedestal display frames are angled at 45° degree for easy reading, with large drainage slots on the lower edge to help minimise any standing rain water. All panels have 18mm thick marine-ply back boards with secure metal fixings to the lower frame. All display frames, legs and post edges are chamfered or rounded smooth to help minimise any injury to visitors of all ages.

The display panels are removable and do not require any additional clear plastic coverings if using GRP, Aluminium Durapanel or Acrylic. The base of the wooden lectern frames, posts and pedestals are given a coat of bitumen and come with stainless pins to help anchor the legs under the ground.

A1 Oak Lectern - From £962.00* (+ Vat/Del)
A2 Oak Lectern - From £834.00* (+ Vat/Del)

A2 Oak Pedestal with Frame - From £685.00* (+ Vat/Del)

Vertical signs are available in a variety of styles ranging from our heavy duty oak ‘monolith’ sided carrier signs with routed text and designs on the sides to straight forward upright frames with simple weather peak. Our more elaborate ‘Gateway‘ signs with laser cut steel headers and embellishments to make a real impression to any park.

A1 Oak Vertical Display - From £820.00* (+ Vat/Del)

Oak and acrylic panel, Gateway sign - prices on request

Bespoke Oak Church Display with printed ACM panels - Prices on request

*This price is based on suppling oak frame with 3mm aluminium Dura-Panel 

Wooden Lecterns & Vertical Signs

"Oak Lecterns are an attractive and appealing way to display interpretation, heritage and wildlife information"

Our hardwood lecterns are all built to order using only responsibly sourced prime air-dried oak. Being a native hard wood, oak is ideal as an outdoor sign material offering both durability and a natural beauty which will compliment a great variety of locations. As well as its appearance and finish, oak is environmentally friendly to its surroundings and as a result is a natural choice for wildlife sites of special significance. 

  • The wooden lectern sizes available A0, A1, A2 and A2, A3 pedestals.
  • Attractive light oak wood preserve or natural finish.
  • Removable graphic panels.
  • Easy viewing height and angle for wheelchairs and children.
  • Routed Oak Monoliths and Totems

All wooden lecterns, pedestal and vertical frames can be finished in a light oak wood preserve to enhance the grain and helps to slow the natural process of ageing or can be left untreated.

Oak Trail Board, with Aluminium Panel - From £838.00* (+ Vat/Del)

A1 Oak Monolith with Carrier Panel - From £935.00* (+ Vat/Del)

A1 Oak Lectern, frameless with Acrylic panel -
From £786.00 (+ Vat/Del)

Bespoke Oak Pedestal, with routed and laser-etched Labyrinth Design - Prices on request

Bespoke Oak Pedestal with Accoya inlay, routed and laser-etched rubbing designs. 

Warning sign, oak monolith with inset ACM panel from £275.00 (+ Vat/del)

Routed oak monolilth totem From £425.00 + Vat/Del