Large oak waymarker with routed infill 

Multi-directional oak fingerpost - From £262.00* + Vat/ Del (Single arm)

Laser etched oak finger pointers

Laser etched oak finger pointers 

Waymarker discs and logo plaques produced in Fiberglass, Acrylic and ACM plastic (ACM/Acrylic minimum order 15) 

ACM Waymarker route discs - Cheshire Wildlife

*This price is based on supplied with ACM panel

Waymarkers, Fingerposts & Discs

Oak or aluminium directional fingerposts in a range of styles. The oak pointers are routed and can be infilled with enamel paint, with wood preserve of natural finish.

  • Single or double sided 'Finger' pointers - please ask for details.
  • Directional discs can be surface mounted or recessed to the pointer and posts.
  • The oak post and pointers are robustly made for durability.
  • Hardwood or softwood
  • Single or multi-directional
  • Wood preserve or natural finish.

Directional & Etched Discs

Hardwood or softwood available.

Posts are finished with 4-way weather tops and can have collars routed into the posts with coloured infills.

Surface or recessed mounted directional arrow discs or trail markers plus site logos or routed designs.

Wood preserve or natural finish.
Wide range of discs available, GRP, ACM etched zinc (ideal for making 'rubbings.

Oak waymarker with routed design with GRP arrow discs - 
From £86.00* + Vat/Del 

Cut out acrylic discs 

Oak Waymarker Discs, laser etched