Multi-directional oak fingerpost - From £262.00* + Vat/ Del (Single arm)

Large oak waymarker trail post with routed design

The posts are made from 100mm square fresh sawn (green) oak which is locally sourced. All posts are smooth finished and have a 4-way or single back weather top, standard height is 2.3m above ground (multiple fingers may require taller posts). The pointers are secured in place with hardwood dowels.

We are also offer powder-coated aluminium fingerposts with and without decorative finials and post embellishments, please ask for details and quotation.

Laser etched oak fingerposts, with single or double sided pointers - From £262.00 + Vat/Del

Artwork templates available, bespoke designs quotation required

Directional Discs, Etched Zinc Discs 

The trail posts are finished with 4-way weather tops or a single angled weather and can have collars routed into the posts with coloured in-fills. Surface or recessed mounted directional arrow discs or trail markers plus site logos or routed designs. The posts are available with wood preserve or natural finish. The range of discs materials available are: GRP, ACM, Foamex, Etched Zinc (ideal for making 'rubbings), Styrene (PVC) and Self-adhesive Vinyl.

Waymarker discs and logo plaques produced in Fiberglass, Acrylic and ACM plastic (minimum order quantites apply) 

Etched Zinc rubbing discs £26.00 each

ACM Waymarker discs with AG film to face with drill holes 
£2.20 each (minimum order 20)3mm Foamex Waymarker discs direct printed with drill holes
£1.40 each (minimum order 20)

0.65mm Styrene Waymarker discs direct printed with drill
£1.30 each (minimum order 20)

Waymarkers, Fingerposts and Directional Discs

We produce a range of fingerposts, waymarker trail posts and directional discs in a wide selection of designs and materials.

Our oak fingerposts are produced using only prime air-dried oak with routed (carved) text either single or double sided, with painted in-fill or left plain finish. Designs, symbols, logos or directional arrow discs can also be included on the pointers (please as for details and prices).

Also available is a range of striking laser etched oak pointers with designs ranging from ‘Woodland’, ‘Wildlife Pond’, ‘Meadow’ and 'Coastal' and 'Entry' and ‘Exit’ and with new themes becoming available regularly - produced as single or double sided.

All our fingerposts are produced to the highest standards and can be supplied stained or natural finish. Our standard pointer size is 500mm x 130mm x 25mm with a chevron shaped end, different sizes and bespoke shapes can be produced if required please request a quotation and ideas from our design team.

  • Single or double sided fingerpost pointers 
  • Routed lettering and Laser Etched designs
  • The oak post and pointers are robustly made for durability.
  • Single or multi-directional
  • Wood preserve or natural finish.
  • GRP, ACM, Formex, Styrene and Vinyl Waymarkers

Oak waymarker with routed design directional arrow discs - From £86.00* + Vat/Del *Price based on plain oak post with 1 x disc

Oak Waymarker Discs

ACM Waymarker Discs

Laser etched brushed stainless steel plaques - From £13.00 each + Vat/Del

Oak Waymarker Discs, deep laser etched on to kiln dried oak
£7.30 each (min order 20)

3mm MDF Laser etched 'Totem' markers for wildlife activities,
large range of animals, birds and insects available £0.53ea 
(minimum order 20)

Self adhesive Vinyl Waymarker labels £0.70 each 
(min order 50)


Artwork charges apply to all the above designs, unless customer supplied print ready to our specifications.